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Online Registration
School Year 2024-2025

Welcome to the online registration

Before filling in this registration form, please pay attention to the following:

  • Parents and child must enter their own email address.
    (Email addresses cannot be the same)

  • If your child doesn't have an email address, please create one.

  • Enter your child's own phone number, if available.
    Do not enter one of the parents' in your child's section.
    If your child doesn't have a phone number, leave it blank.


The following documents need to be provided for registration:

*  Original Educational Report from previous school

*  Results of FBE examinations

*  One (1) recent Passport size picture
*  Copy of Passport
*  Copy of St. Maarten I.D.
*  Copy of Recent Census Registration Form

*  Signed Parental Contract (fillable) Download here !
*  Copy of Birth Certificate
*  Copy of Medical Insurance
*  Copy of Valid Residence Permit (for Non-Dutch Nationals)
Proof of Bank Payment for Parental Contribution for the Academic year 2024-2025. Upload the receipt with the student's name showing full payment of Parental Contribution in the amount of Nafl 810 or Usd 450.


Payment can be made at any Republic Bank branch:

Bank Account Number: (NAF) Guilder Account: 970100407515

Bank Account Number: (USD)   Dollar Account: 970100407414

  • Upload All required documents if possible, before submitting this application form. All documents uploaded, must include your child's name (e.g. "Passport - name child")For administrative reasons, it's very important that you name and upload your files separately and upload them in pdf format.For example: Name student-Birth Certificate.pdf, Name student-Educational Report (8 pages in 1 pdf), etc.
    The maximum file upload is 50 MB ! Uploading more than 50 Mb will result in files not being attached to your form.

  • Make a note in the "Additional Remarks" box with the reason why documents are missing. Mention the possible date to submit them.

  • Don't register and submit a 2nd time, but send the remaining documents via email to

After submitting press this button to see confirmation of your registration.

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