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VSBO System

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Preparatory secondary vocational education

Preparatory secondary vocational education (VSBO) has replaced pre-vocational education (BVO) and junior general secondary education (MAVO). Until Primary and Secondary Education has been fully introduced, education at the VSBO schools consists of a 2-year basic curriculum and a 2-year period of

learning tracks in three sectors: Technology, Health and Personal Care and Welfare, and Economics. The learning tracks are: the theoretical advanced vocational track (TKL), the practical advanced vocational track (PKL) and the practical basic vocational track (PBL).

Central examinations are taken for allsubjects in all learning tracks. The aim of VSBO teaching is to achieve a smooth transition to secondary vocational education (SBO). Progression to senior general

secondary education (HAVO) is, however, also possible in a number of cases. VSBO was introduced in the third year, therefore after the second year of the basic curriculum, in the 2002/2003 academic year.


Secondary vocational education

Secondary vocational education (SBO) has a broader structure than senior

secondary vocational education (MBO). It also extends to programmes for which

a preparatory secondary vocational education diploma (VSBO diploma) is not necessarily required.


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