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Registration Deadline: The deadline to register for the 2024/2025 school year ends on July 5, 2024



Decisions on admissions to the First Form are made by the School Board,

based on the advice of the Admittance Committee, appointed by the School Board.


The following criteria determine admission to Form 1:

  1. The student has to successfully complete Group 8 in the elementary school.

  2. The student has to pass the Foundation Based Education Exit Examinations.

  3. Educational Report of the student of the former school must be submitted.

  4. A recommendation of Principal and Group 8 teacher, concerning behaviour and attitudes to studies must be submitted.

  5. Any other tests deemed necessary and approved by the School Board can be carried out.

  6. Yearly parental contribution, as determined by FAVE, is paid.



Criteria used for admissions for Forms 2, 3 and 4 at Academic level (Forms 2 and 3 at PSVE level)

  1. Students must have attended another secondary school and show
    evidence by means of a transcript.

  2. Students must pass a Placement Test of the St. Maarten Academy.

  3. The following age limits must be satisfied:
    a) Form 2: No older than 16 years.
    b) Form 3: No older than 17 years.
    c) Form 4: No older than 17 years, 6 months.

  4. Yearly parental contribution as determined by FAVE is paid.


* Due to the educational programme at the Academic level, it is not possible to accept students in Form 5.

* Due to the educational programme at the PSVE level, it is not possible to accept students in Form 4.      

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